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What Sets Our Lifting Magnets Apart

When purchasing lifting magnets , buyers are inundated with choices, most of which are imports and sold at steep discounts on wholesale sites, big box sites and industrial distributors.   Most of these lifting magnets are poorly made, unsafe and utilize inexpensive, shoddy construction materials.  In fact, there are many lifting magnets being sold which use […]

Magnetic Sweeper: With or Without Load Release?

Many times people wonder weather or not to buy a magnetic sweeper with the load release feature.  Is it really needed?  That question is really user specific.  As far as cleaning a magnetic sweeper, it’s not terribly difficult.  A magnetic sweeper without a load release feature will have approximately 1″ of “dead” space on each end.  When […]

Can a Magnetic Sweeper Ship by Air?

We get calls daily from customers asking if it’s possible to ship a magnetic sweeper by air. Many people and companies believe it is not allowable to ship a magnetic sweeper by air and this is actually not the case.  It is legal and possible to ship a magnetic sweeper via air simply by “deadening” the magnet […]