Cleaning up at Interface

We recently paid a visit to Interface Incorporated to demonstrate one of our most popular sweepers — our multi-surface magnetic sweeper with wheels.

Interface, based in Scottsdale, Arizona is a worldwide leader in force measurement […]

What Happens When You Drop a Magnet Inside a Copper Tube

What happens when you drop a magnet through a fat copper pipe? Magic! Check out this gravity-defying trick using a neodymium magnet in heavy copper piping:

Another New and Unusual Application for a Magnetic Sweeper

Shields Company recently received a magnetic sweeper inquiry, which resulted in an order, from a company seeking to retrieve “BBs”. While this may not seem odd at first, it’s the nature of the BB […]

Magnetic Sweeper Usage vs. Equipment/Engine Incidents

US Air Force FOD Improvements

As seen on the chart , using data compiled by the United States Air Force, incidents from “FOD” or “Foreign Object Debris” inversely decline nearly 1000% when using magnetic sweepers […]

Magnetic Sweeper Lifting Power

We are constantly asked “What is the lifting power” of a magnetic sweeper.  Our response to this is two-fold.  ”Lifting power” of a magnetic sweeper is a very misleading term.  When measuring the strength of […]

Tri-Polar Circuitry Exclusive to Shields Belt Magnets

Tri-Polar© Magnetic Circuitry is a state of the art method of magnetizing a permanent magnet which all but eliminates peripheral magnetic leakage, directing the magnetic field straight down and creating a stronger magnet.  Shields belt […]

FOD Magnets and Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft carriers and flightlines go hand-in-hand.  The safety of both on-deck personnel and the pilots is of paramount importance and one of the key methods of debris clean-up on a flightline is with FOD Magnets and […]